Smores Cupcakes

Smores…what do they make you think of first? I think many associate it with campfires and camping in general. I do as well, but I am one of the last people you would expect to be camping. I made these because I wanted to use the mini-blow torch we received for our wedding (yes, we asked for one!). I had a few problems with it, but that was just me being silly. Overall, I really enjoyed the cupcakes and would make them again.

Me and camping do not get along. I went once. Fifth grade. Horrible time! I threw up every night with nerves and there was lots of cattiness from the girls in my class (it was a school trip). Since moving out to Seattle, I have been around many more “outdoorsy” people who like camping and all that goes with it. Luckily my husband is fine with me  preferring my own bed to the great outdoors.

As for the torch problems…it started by not realizing that it didn’t already have fuel in it. Silly me thought it would already have it and I was trying to be super careful with it before realizing it was empty. Sigh. So, I went to the store and managed to find the right fuel for it, but then couldn’t figure out how to fill it. Luckily between me and my husband we figured it out and happily torched all of the little marshmallow tops!

I was inspired by Dainty Chef’s version of Smores Cupcakes.

I started by making graham cracker crumbs.

I mixed the crumbs with 2 Tablespoons of melted butter so they would stick together before pressing some into the bottoms of my muffin tins.

Then I baked the crumbs at 350 degrees until they were browned.

Then, place a few marshmallows and chocolate chips on top.

Pour your favorite chocolate cupcake batter on top and follow the directions for baking them. I didn’t use my favorite recipe and ended up with not super results. I won’t be sharing the recipe since it was a dud.

One of my trays had really short cupcakes 😦

I had leftover batter, so I made mini ones, too.

Next, top with the marshmallow frosting. I am not including the recipe for this either because it was a little too sweet, but you can find a ton on different sites. If you have a good one, let me know!

Use the blowtorch to make them look really good (and it tastes better burnt too).

And of course top with the classic chocolate bar, if desired.


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