Oatmeal Fudge Bars

I think it’s pretty obvious to people who know me that I absolutely love chocolate. Last year when I was trying to lose a little weight I managed to go without it for a few days. The first day wasn’t a big deal, but boy was that second day horrible! After that, I was fine. I then gradually added treats back in. Of course, I’m back in almost full form. I made a chocolate chunk pie a little while ago (recipe coming soon) and I kept going back for more. I was almost relieved when it was finally gone so I wouldn’t be tempted by it anymore! When I made this I made sure to take 3/4 of it to work.

There is something about chocolate and oats that is a good combination. My friend Lisa made these bars with white chocolate and I loved them, even though I’m not always a white chocolate fan. So, feel free to make it with whatever chocolate you prefer. I was thinking I might even try two layers one time–one white, one chocolate–to see how it turns out. We each have a copy of the magazine this recipe came from (Cook’s Country Chocolate Desserts). I haven’t made anything else from it yet because it feels like I am getting a new cookbook each week I have to try! But, it definitely has some good-sounding recipes.

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