Molly Moon’s Cookbook Release Party!

I know, this isn’t a recipe post. But, it’s a post that leads to recipe posts because we got to go to a release party for an awesome new cookbook. We have been fans of Molly Moon’s ice cream for a little while now and were super excited to find out that there was not only going to be a book with the recipes but also a party with ice cream!

The company is known for doing organic and local ingredients. It’s really nice that you can buy a chocolate ice cream that isn’t just your basic chocolate ice cream–it’s actually named for the local company they use to get the chocolate: Theo!

I went with a small group, including my friend Lisa and while we waited in line, we were happy to find out that Molly’s dad was behind us in line. He had flown in from Boise and was going to surprise her at the book signing. He managed to sneak in and hid behind one of our group all the way up to the front of the line. She was so happy to see him and it was really sweet.

We had a great time at the party–music, fun pictures with a giant ice cream pint, a sundae bar stocked with loads of toppings, drinks, getting a copy of the book (signed!), a fun survey about ice cream, and more!

The book is really pretty with great pictures and helpful information about the ingredients and ways of serving the ice cream with complementary toppings. I think I might make the salted caramel first, if only because I’ve never seen another recipe for something like that. I can’t wait to start using it!

Getting my copy signed!

Surprise visit from her dad!

My husband’s ice cream with lots of toppings! (Had to try them all)

Getting clear pictures was a little tricky because the lights were a little dim, but it was definitely tasty, I promise!


Pretty decorations!

My friend is already engrossed!


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