Simple Pastina Soup

This post isn’t going to be full of pictures like usual. It is simple, just like the recipe. I created it inspired by my mom and different ideas I got from the web.


When my husband had some wisdom teeth removed last year he needed soft foods. We had the usual puddings and Jellos, but also did this soup. We made it again this week when his throat felt sore.

My mom used to make it when it was extra chilly and we needed some cozy food, or if we weren’t feeling well.  I wasn’t a big soup person, but adding the little pastina stars helped me finish even the broth. She would change up the ingredients a bit, but there were always greens, pastina, and broth.

I remembered the soup for my husband and wanted to make it but didn’t have a recipe from my mom. (This is part of the reason I am having a blog–people will be able to keep track of my recipes even if I’m not around.) After reading complicated versions, I reworked my mom’s into this:

Simple Pastina Soup

Start with equal amounts of water and chicken broth in a saucepan. If I am making a medium saucepan amount, I will use about 1 cup of each. Bring to a boil.

Then, add the rest in the order that makes the most sense for what you are cooking and feel free to add as much of each as you like . . .

– carrots/celery would go first (cook most of the way before adding anything else))

– protein (you can add cooked chicken, or cook it in the broth, but you can also add sausage or anything else appealing to you–we usually leave it out and make the soup a side dish)

– pastina (or a similar tiny pasta–add about 1/4 cup, up to almost 1/2 cup; the more you add, the less soupy and more risotto-y it will be)

– “greens” (spinach/Asian variants like Chinese broccoli/kale/etc.) would go near the end because they don’t take long to cook

– seasoning (I add this throughout, tasting and seeing what I’m in the mood for–garlic, Italian seasoning, onion powder, pepper, pesto, etc.)

Keep cooking until everything is as soft as you want it. You can also start the recipe by using some butter or oil and frying onions/garlic to start, before adding in the liquid.

I love this soup because it’s so versatile and can be done so many ways. If you don’t have carrots or spinach, you can use a different veggie. Make your own version and feel free to share!

Most recently we enjoyed it with some fluffy scrambled eggs and Italian bread.


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