Fried Rice

My husband’s family is Chinese, which means that he often cooks family dishes for us that he’s learned.  When you make rice often enough, you end up with leftovers that could make another meal.  And in fact, they do!

Fried rice is a great way to reuse old rice in a tasty way that’s also quick.

Start by making scrambled eggs: the fluffier the better!

After, pull the eggs out and set aside.

Next, cook the bacon.  (You could really cook the eggs or bacon first, it doesn’t matter.)  You want to create some bacon fat to fry the rice, so you will need more or less depending on how much rice you have.  2-3 strips is plenty to serve about 4 people.

Take the bacon out after it’s cooked.  Then, crumble the rice into the oil.  Then, use a spatula to coat all of the rice evenly.

Frying rice

After it is all coated, you can throw in some frozen peas.  They add nice color and sweetness.


At this point, you also stir in 2-3 spoons of sugar.  Increase the heat at this point to help brown the rice.  Once you’re getting a nice bit of browning, it’s time to add soy sauce!

Stir some in–be careful and add a little at a time, stirring to make sure you get the right brown color and flavor you want.

Then, add the eggs and bacon back in.  You can also add some chopped green onions if you have them.  If we don’t have any, we add some onion powder that has parsley in it and it adds a nice kick.  Feel free to add any spices you like with it, too!

This isn’t the healthiest of meals, but we love the taste.  You can make it without bacon, but then you’ll have to add oil for the rice.

Finished fried rice!

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