Birthday Ice Cream Cupcakes

In my family, my mom led the tradition of a birthday dinner.  She would make whatever we wanted for our birthday.  I always had Cornish Hens cooked in her special way, along with roasted potatoes and whatever veggie I was in the mood for at the time (often green beans).  Dessert was usually a birthday cake that we used for a bigger birthday party.  Once we got older, birthday parties were smaller and the cakes became smaller, too.  Eventually, she began making special desserts for us.

What can I make for K’s birthday dessert?

When I first was dating my husband, I wanted to extend the same tradition.  Birthdays were never a big deal for his family, so I wanted him to get as excited as I did for mine.  Dinners have fluctuated, but dessert usually involves something fruity for him.  And, it’s usually strawberry because they are super tasty in July.  The one big dessert he would have growing up were Carvel cakes, so I wanted to do a twist . . .

This past year, I surprised him with ice cream cupcakes.  This was before I had had our ice cream maker for long, so I didn’t make all of the ice cream that went into it–just the vanilla.  The strawberry was store-bought, but still tasty.

It’s super simple . . .

Process Oreo cookies and mix with some melted butter to make Oreo crusts . . .

Chilling …

Let them set up in the freezer while you’re softening the ice cream.  You can notice that the top row only have the crust on the bottom and the bottom row has it for the full cup.  We liked both, so it depends on what you want.

Next, add a layer of softened ice cream on top.

Strawberry first! (Or whatever you like)

Then, I added more Oreo crumbs in between.

Carvel style with the layer of crumbs

Add the next layer of ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream–homemade

Then, finish with Cool Whip as your “frosting”.  You could also use regular vanilla frosting, but the flavor of Cool Whip better matched the taste of a Carvel cake.  Once you’ve done that, you’re done!


He loved them, just like I knew he would.  Another happy birthday!  Now, what to make for this year?

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