Ladyfingers–oooh lala


Did you know how easy Ladyfingers are to make? ¬†I had no idea, but I needed to find out to save my Bailey’s Marshmallows that didn’t turn out. ūüė¶ ¬†I received Bailey’s as a gift, but since I don’t really like drinking alcohol, I was persuaded to cook with it. ¬†I thought about making Irish Cupcakes (they are such the rage on the internet) but then wanted to try something a little different. ¬†I’ve made marshmallows a few times before, and didn’t think it would be hard to make a Bailey’s version. ¬†Since marshmallows are all about getting the proportions right, I looked up a recipe to know how much of the alcohol would be needed, and when to add it. ¬†Well, the ratios didn’t seem quite right, but I went with it anyway. ¬†I didn’t know if the alcohol changed the basic marshmallow recipe or not. ¬†Unfortunately, the recipe was a dud because the marshmallows never set up the way they should, so I was left with a sticky, messy¬†something¬†that felt like a waste. ¬†That’s when inspiration hit!

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