A Quick and Fancy Beef Stroganoff

Sliced beef, egg noodle package, sauteed mushrooms, wine cooking, the start of onions, finished onions, cooked egg noodles

After the meat guy at the grocery store scoffed at me for wanting beef tenderloin for my beef stroganoff, I knew I had to make it a good one!  Apparently he had never heard of using “such a fancy cut of beef” for stroganoff, but this recipe needs it because it turns a slow-cooker favorite into a week-night possibility. It’s another America’s Test Kitchen recipe.  I swear I am not attempting to cook every recipe in there (well, maybe every yummy-looking one).  This recipe is done in about an hour, and that was even with me taking my time and forgetting about veggies until near the end.

I decided on this dish for two reasons: I’d never made it before, and I’ve been having a real love affair with mushrooms lately.  They have been popping up every week for a while.


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