Compost Cookies

A good friend bought me the Momofuku dessert cookbook and we’ve been baking different recipes out of it.  My slightly failed layer cake from my first post was so that I could make the lemon curd from the book as the filling.

When I saw the compost cookie recipe, it reminded me of cookies another friend had made for me a long time ago.  I think she called them kitchen sink cookies.  Basically, she tossed a whole bunch of ingredients she knew I would like into one cookie.  What makes these so awesome is how you can customize them for your eating audience.

It’s a pretty basic cookie recipe, what with beating the butter and sugar together–

Before this recipe, I don’t know if I ever beat butter and sugar as long as I was supposed to. It got super fluffy, and I’ve been following the same method ever since.

I had to assemble the “compost” part next.

Graham crumb, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, oats, and later pretzels were added

After I get that right, it’s time to mix them (pretzels at the very end) into the batter and make my cookie balls.


After baking they get huge!


My friend made hers with yogurt-covered pretzels, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, oats, and instant coffee.  The recipe said not to use instant coffee, but hers were super yummy, so I’m not sure what they meant.  Hers were also chewier than mine,  so if you want a softer cookie, definitely add more oats and fewer crunchy toppings.

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