Compost Cookies

A good friend bought me the Momofuku dessert cookbook and we’ve been baking different recipes out of it.  My slightly failed layer cake from my first post was so that I could make the lemon curd from the book as the filling.

When I saw the compost cookie recipe, it reminded me of cookies another friend had made for me a long time ago.  I think she called them kitchen sink cookies.  Basically, she tossed a whole bunch of ingredients she knew I would like into one cookie.  What makes these so awesome is how you can customize them for your eating audience.

It’s a pretty basic cookie recipe, what with beating the butter and sugar together–

Before this recipe, I don’t know if I ever beat butter and sugar as long as I was supposed to. It got super fluffy, and I’ve been following the same method ever since.

I had to assemble the “compost” part next.

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