Oh my, it’s a pie! (Day 2)

You are in part 2 of 3 of a candy bar pie consisting of 6 recipes from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.  Go here for part 1 and here for part 3.

Day two wasn’t too bad.  I just made one recipe:

Recipe 4: Salty Caramel

For this, you need to put some heavy cream, butter, salt, and vanilla extract in a bowl.

Then, you make a caramel with glucose (I used corn syrup) and sugar.  I love watching the color change from white to amber.


While you’re making the caramel, bloom the gelatin.  This was another iffy thing for me with their recipes.  They use sheets, but I can only ever buy the powder. They have a substitute, but it doesn’t seem to be an equal amount of gelatin, so this time I added a whole teaspoon instead of just 1/2. Once the caramel is nice and golden, take it off the heat and carefully whisk in heavy cream.  Then, since you will probably have lumps, you have to put it back over medium heat and whisk until smooth.  At this point, you can add the gelatin.


Next, you will pour it through a fine mesh sieve over the cream/salt/butter mixture.

Strain the caramel

Let it sit for 2 minutes before whisking.  Then, whisk until smooth.

Salty and sweet, and so creamy!

Pour it into the pie crust.

Oopsies …

This is where I realized the crust was not perfect.  The caramel leaked onto the countertop and I had to form a foil layer under the pan to make sure the caramel wouldn’t continue to make a mess.  It does seem odd to use a tart pan for such a recipe that involves a fairly weak crust and a super liquidy and sneaky filling like caramel.  Oh well.  Onto the next layer!

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